What Is The Price? A WhatsApp Quote Request Ecommerce Catalog Website For Businesses


According to Facebook (owns WhatsApp Message Platform), “2 Billion people use it everyday”.

Everyday, millions of businesses use it for customer communications.

550 Million people in India use WhatsApp regularly to connect with friends, family, colleagues and businesses.

It is a powerful “Instant Messaging App”.

WhatsApp message is not only used by millions and millions of people everyday. It’s instant communication features helps businesses connect with the customers and help them with product buying to solve their problems quickly (instantly of course!). Unlike ecommerce sales websites, businesses all over the world, do not state their price in their website or publicly release the. The time constraint businesses and buyers seek instant quote to save their time. To help the businesses, we created a mobile first Ecommerce Catalog website and integrated WhatsApp Quick Quote Request Feature. We tried it on some of our client’s ecommerce website. The successful feedback and the increase in their communication delighted our clients. For the past 4 years, we have been integrating this feature in our client’s websites .

If you own a business and pricing policy against quote request, we have the tried, tested, proven successful solution.

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